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Who is Craig?

Hi! My name is Craig. I have 20 years of experience that have given me the knowledge, training and skills that make me the professional that I am today.

To help you get to know me a bit better, here is some of that background:

• Renovation Specialist – 2002 to Present
I have been operating my own business as a Renovation Specialist since 2002. Past projects include (but are not limited to): The design and building of Decks, Steps, Storage Areas, Under-Deck Rooms, Screened Porches, etc.; Design, upgrading and/or renovation of Bathrooms and Other Rooms, Gazebo Roofs, etc.; Installation of Gates, Rock Walls, Water Filtration Systems, Flooring, Custom Windows, New Electrical Hookups, etc. I am also experienced in doing Computer Upgrades and Trouble-Shooting.
• Henderson Consulting – Senior Inspector – 2001-2002
Jobs included inspection of new government buildings under construction, reading of blueprints, and collaborating with General Contractors, Architects, and Engineers, all of which were overseen by the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission.
• Wal-Mart – Department Manager – Hardware & Electronics Departments – 1997-2001
Jobs included supervision of employees, knowledge of tools, equipment, and all forms of electronics, paint mixing and matching, etc.
• Riverside Military Academy – Mechanical Tech/Boiler Tech – 1996-1997
Jobs included maintenance of boilers for heating and domestic hot water, electrical, emergency power equipment, fire protection systems, pool chemical maintenance, etc.
• Chestatee Regional Hospital – Plant Operations Supervisor – 1992-1996
Jobs included everything from Plumbing, Electrical, Building Projects, Boilers, Painting, etc. to Computer Upgrades and Repairs, Communications Systems, and Fire Protection Systems.
Prior to operating my own Custom Picture Framing shop for 7 years, I had also worked for Hudgins Demolition in Atlanta and for Southern Fiber Control Technologies (an asbestos removal company) in Atlanta as Operations Coordinator. Upon request, I will gladly provide you with a list of references.

Craig's Philosophy

My personal philosophy is to do the best possible, high-quality work for you in the least amount of time necessary to do the job, within my skills and knowledge-base. If I determine that the job, or any part of it, is outside of my skills and experience, I have an extensive base of other skilled, specialized professionals that I can refer you to (such as tree-removal specialists, skilled tile-workers, etc.)

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